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Tax Resolution Services for Bay Area Taxpayers

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Pure Tax Resolution provides taxpayers of Oakland, San Francisco, and all bay-area communities a reliable and customer-friendly solution to their tax debt problems. We take pride in providing tax resolution services to individuals and businesses personalized to their unique needs. For all your individual, business, or international tax problems, our in-house team of licensed Tax Attorneys & Enrolled Agents negotiate with the IRS and/or State of California on your behalf until your tax problems are settled for good. When you contact us today for a free consultation, you will speak with me directly, and I will make sure your tax problems are addressed immediately. We look forward to hearing from you!

For Individuals

Licensed Tax Attorneys

Expert legal representation in California by licensed tax attorneys.

Back Tax Settlements

Professional help for IRS back taxes to reduce and settle back tax debt.

Stop Wage Garnishments

Facing IRS collections? Our wage garnishments attorneys can help.

Tax Penalty Abatement

We secure tax penalty settlements for bay area, California taxpayers with back tax debt.

IRS Audit Defense

Licensed tax professionals providing expert IRS audit representation in California.

For Businesses

Payroll Tax Relief

Our business tax experts negotiate payroll tax debt settlements for bay area businesses.

Employee/Contractor Classification

W-2? 1099? We help bay area businesses properly classify their works and avoid tax fiilng complications.

Tax Deduction Resolution

We help bay area businesses properly classify and file business expenses and avoid red flags by the IRS.

CPA & Accounting Services

Our CPAs and Accountants provide a full range of filing, bookkeeping and compliance services.

Non-Profit Tax Services

Complete 501c3 tax services for bay area non-profits, including 501(c)(3) registration, filing, and compliance.

International Tax

International Tax Attorneys

Licensed international tax attorneys helping bay area residents settle foreign tax issues and maintain offshore tax compliance.

FBAR Compliance

FinCEN 114 and offshore disclosure filing and compliance for your offshore investments.

FATCA Compliance

FATCA tax filing and compliance for bay area residents that are required to file Form 8938 for their offshore assets

EXPAT Tax Services

EXPAT tax attorneys and CPAs providing a full suite of Expatriate tax filing and compliance services for California residents.

Are you a taxpayer in the Bay Area struggling with tax debt and penalties?

Is the IRS targeting you for wage garnishments and other collections?

Are you a California business owner in need of tax help for your business?

If so, our dedicated tax resolution team is at your service to offer proven tax help in Oakland, and throughout the bay area. If you are an individual or business in the bay-area struggling with any kind of IRS tax problem, it is absolutely crucial that you take action immediately. The tax resolution experts at Bay Area Pure Tax Resolution are dedicated to working one-on-one with California taxpayers in the bay area to settle all tax debt problems and get you back on track. Our team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs will listen to your specific needs, construct a personalized strategy, and negotiate with the IRS and/or State of California to settle your tax problems. We take pride in offering free consultations, flat-rate fees, and effective tax help for individuals, businesses, and international tax matters in Oakland, San Francisco, and any other bay-area community.

Tax Resolution Services

We provide a full range of domestic and international tax resolution services for Frisco area individuals and businesses

Experienced IRS Tax Attorneys

When looking to properly settle your tax debt problems, make sure you consult a licensed tax attorney in Oakland that will represent your best interest with the IRS.  Pure Tax Resolution has a team of seasoned IRS tax attorneys, on staff, that take on the burden of your IRS problems to negotiate a successful tax resolution plan.

IRS Back Tax Help

Seek professional help with back taxes in California at Pure Tax Resolution. Our team of tax attorneys and CPAs can help rectify any back tax returns, and negotiate a back tax settlement plan that will reduce and eliminate your back tax debt for good.

Stop Wage Garnishment

When tax debt accumulates for too long, the IRS will issue crippling collections in the form of wage garnishments or levies to secure what is owed to them.  If you are a taxpayer of the bay area facing a garnishment of any kind, or want to take proactive steps to stop garnishment before it starts, our team of wage garnishment attorneys can provide relief from collections, and protect your assets and wages.

Tax Penalty Abatement

When facing back tax debt, tax penalties and interest are the insult to injury. In addition to our IRS back tax forgiveness strategies, we also provide tax penalty abatement options for California taxpayers that can reduce and settle tax penalties as a result of back tax debt.

IRS Audit Representation

With the plethora of different audits that can be issued against California taxpayers, it's important to have a licensed tax audit defense expert to shed light on the situation and secure the best resolution possible. With our team of licensed tax attorneys, enrolled agents, and CPAs, we provide IRS audit representation so bay area taxpayers can successfully settle their IRS audits, and prevent them moving forward.

Business Tax Relief

With the large variety of small to medium sized businesses in the bay area, many find themselves struggling with tax debt problems that puts their business at risk. For any business tax relief or consulting need, our team of business tax attorneys and CPAs help local businesses resolve tax problems, and also provide ongoing bookkeeping, payroll, and full-service accounting solutions to keep your business profitable.

International Tax Attorneys

If you are a California resident with offshore investments, looking to invest offshore, or an Expat of any kind, we can help with any of your international tax compliance needs. We have international tax attorneys and CPAs on staff that can help you rectify any FBAR or FATCA compliance issues with your foreign assets, or any other international tax filing or compiance matter.

Non-Profit (501c3) Tax Services

If you are a non-profit organization in the bay area, or are looking to achieve 501(c)(3) non-profit status, our team of non-profit tax experts can help with any filing or compliance need in California, or at the federal level.


We offer free consultations, flat-rate fees, and superior customer service for local taxpayers. See why Pure Tax Resolution is the preferred choice for tax resolution services in the Bay area.

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