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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Programs for
California Taxpayers

Licensed tax attorneys helping California taxpayers secure affordable IRS back tax forgiveness options to settle back tax debt

California individuals and businesses in the bay-area that owe IRS back taxes may not fully understand the severity of the situation they are in. Even the most miniscule IRS back tax debt can snowball out of control if not addressed properly, resulting in unwavering tax penalties and your assets being compromised. If you are a bay-area taxpayer struggling with IRS back taxes, Bay Area Pure Tax is the solution for proper IRS back taxes help. Whether an individual or business, we will listen and design an IRS back tax forgiveness plan that will settle, and even reduce your tax liability.

IRS back tax forgiveness Bay Area CA

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IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Plans Available For You

Installment Agreement

The most common IRS back tax forgiveness plan we pursue for our bay area, California clients is an installment agreement, where an agreeable monthly payment plan is established to gradually settle your tax debt. To pursue a payment plan that suits your needs, our licensed tax attorneys will negotiate with the IRS on your behalf, and achieve a personalized back tax payment plan based on your financial situation. To see how you could qualify for this convenient IRS back tax forgiveness plan, contact us today to learn more.

Offer In Compromise (OIC)

an OIC is another highly desirable IRS back tax forgiveness program for California taxpayers. In certain cases where an individual has a considerable amount of back taxes, our licensed tax attorneys can convince the IRS to accept less than owe in order to achieve a quicker settlement. To secure an OIC, we must prepare and present the proper documentation and proof, which begins with contacting us today and speaking with our licensed tax help team.

Currently Not Collectible (CNC)

In cases where a California taxpayer owes significant back tax debt, but is financially unable to pay them back while supporting themselves or their family, the taxpayer may qualify for a CNC status.  CNC is a financial hardship determination, where the IRS will suspend your back tax obligations, sometimes permanently.  As you may suspect, securing a CNC requires unique conditions and the expert negotiation skills of a licensed tax professional. If you are a California taxpayer in the bay area facing back taxes without the financial means to pay it back, contact us today and we'll look at your options for this IRS back tax forgiveness program.

Learn More About Our IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Options Available For To You

When looking to settle your IRS back taxes, taking the proper steps and consulting professional back tax help is vital to achieving the ideal settlement. By hiring our licensed tax attorneys to represent you, the IRS will be more flexible and favorable in granting an IRS back tax forgiveness program that will get your life back on track. Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free consultation, we are confident we have a solution for you!

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