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Licensed Tax Attorney Services for Bay Area Taxpayers

The licensed tax attorney team of Pure Tax Resolution work with Bay Area California taxpayers to properly resolve complicated tax debt problems

Are you a bay area taxpayer seeking licensed tax attorney help to settle your tax debt issues?

If you're a California individual or business owner in the bay-area with tax problems, it's not only crucial you take immediate action, but that you consult a ABA certified tax attorney for assistance. Only a licensed tax attorney possesses the proper knowledge and IRS negotiation skills needed to properly settle your tax problems. Bay Area Pure Tax Resolution has an in-house team of licensed and friendly tax attorneys that represent taxpayers throughout the bay area, including San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, Richmond, or any other local bay area community. Our reliable tax attorneys and enrolled agents can successfully represent you with the IRS and achieve a tax resolution that suits your needs. We offer our clients peace of mind knowing they can contact their IRS tax attorney any time, available when our clients need them!

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The Pure Tax Attorney Advantages

Direct IRS Communication

The fact is, only a licensed tax attorney has the legal privileges to communicate with the proper IRS representatives, a privilege that an every-day accountant, tax preparer, or CPA simply does not possess. In order to settle a complicated tax debt case, you must be able to tap into higher IRS channels, abilities only a licensed tax attorney have.

Expert Negotiations

Our tax attorneys have extensive knowledge of the inner-workings of the IRS, as well as the U.S. tax codes, giving our California and bay area clients a unique advantage in resolving their tax problems.  Our licensed tax attorneys understand how to negotiate in favor of our clients within the boundaries of the IRS tax laws.

Professional Ethics

Our tax attorneys, in addition to any direct employee of Pure Tax Resolution, abides to our overall philosophy of professional ethics and superior customer service. With an abundance of unreliable and flaky tax attorney "services" on the market, it is crucial our staff provides honesty and superior customer service to our California clients.

Transparent, Up-Front Fees

Another advantage we provide that many other tax law firms don't is transparent, flat-rate fees. With most legal professoinals, you are looking at hourly charges, making it difficult to predict the costs involved with tax attorney representation. All of our California clients benefit from up-front, transparent fees when retaining our tax attorney representation.

Professional Tax Attorney Representation for California and Bay Area Taxpayers

If you are an individual or business owner in the bay area of California seeking professional tax attorney representation, contact us today to learn more about our tax attorney services.  We provide free consultations, superior customer service, up-front fees, and proven results.

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