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Struggling with Tax Problems?
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Bay Area, California Tax Resolution Services

Pure Tax Resolution provides comprehensive tax resolution services for California taxpayers facing tax debt problems of any kind

Are you a bay area, California individual victimized by tax debt or penalties?

Do you have delinquent or misfiled tax returns?

Is the IRS targeting you for a collection or garnishment?

Back tax debt comes in all shapes and sizes for bay-area taxpayers, which is why it's especially important to consult an experienced California tax resolution service you can trust. The comprehensive tax resolution services of Pure Tax Resolution are designed to properly diagnose your tax debt issue, and exercise the proper tax resolution method(s) to settle them for good. It's of the utmost importance that you consult professional tax help to ensure that the IRS doesn't apprehend your assets, and that your tax penalties don't accumulate out-of-reach. Even if your IRS tax dilemmas seems insurmountable, our seasoned team of tax attorneys and CPAs can help you accomplish the ideal tax settlement strategy.

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Proven Tax Resolution Methods For Your Tax Problems

IRS Back Tax Forgiveness Plans

There is a large demand for IRS back tax help in the bay area of California, and many taxpayers may not know where to turn or who to trust.  Our team of licensed tax resolution experts can secure any number of convenient and affordable IRS back tax forgiveness plans that will protect you from collections and settle your back taxes within your means.

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Tax Penalty Abatement

Along with settlement plans for back taxes, there are options to reduce or even eliminate your tax penalties and interest. Tax penalty abatement is an option for California taxpayers looking to settle their tax debt penalties, and our licensed tax professionals are experts at facilitating the process for our clients.

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Stop Wage Garnishments & Levys

When prolonged tax debt evolves into a situation where the IRS exercises a wage garnishment or levy against you, only a licensed wage garnishment attorney has the ability to contact the IRS, stop the collection, and initiate a plan to resolve your tax debt. If you are a California taxpayer in the bay area facing an IRS collection, our wage garnishment attorneys can help stop the collection today.

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IRS Audit Defense & Representation

Not properly addressing an IRS audit can turn into a hazardous domino effect leading to more severe tax problems.  If you are a bay area individual or business facing an IRS audit of any kind, make sure you have all bases covered when resolving your audit.  Our licensed tax professionals will construct a personalized IRS audit representation plan to properly settle your audit, and prevent them moving forward.

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Licensed Tax Attorney Representation

Behind any successful tax resolution case through our firm is our team of licensed and seasoned tax attorneys.  Through their expertise, knowledge and legal privileges, our tax attorneys have helped hundreds of California taxpayers properly resolve even the most complicated tax debt issues.  Don't trust your financial future to an amateur, let our licensed tax attorneys construct a legitimate plan to permanently settle your tax problems.

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International Tax Resolution & Consulting

In the recent years the Government has teamed up with foreign entities to crack down on illegal foreign investments, in turn making it harder for those with legitimate foreign assets to remain compliant. If you are a California taxpayer in the bay area facing FATCA or FBAR reporting issues, our international tax attorneys can help you file the proper paperwork, and stay compliant for the life of your foreign investments.

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Free Consultations for California Taxpayers

The tax resolution professionals of Pure Tax Resolution offer proven tax help with superior customer service for bay area, California taxpayers in need. Contact us today to speak with our President, Tim Halcomb, for a free personal consultation.

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